Civics Education


This Virginia state and local government module is specifically prepared for you, a prospective candidate for a teacher’s license or a current holder of a Virginia teacher’s license, to provide content information and supporting classroom resources.

This module is designed to introduce the following topics:

Section 1 – Federalism

Section 2 – Virginia State Government

Section 3 – Local Government in Virginia

Section 4 – Civic Participation and Engagement

Each section begins with a guiding question and an introductory scenario. The scenario is followed by informational text, video(s), “Did You Know” sections, and also supporting materials (appendices) that you may wish to pursue. Each section concludes with discussion questions that you might use to explore the content more deeply.

Each section is followed by a content evaluation. The content evaluation for each section is composed of five questions. In order to proceed to the next section you will need to correctly answer four of the five questions. If you do not correctly answer a minimum of four questions per section, you will have the choice of immediately retaking the evaluation or reviewing the section content and then retaking the evaluation.

The module ends with a brief resource section.

Since a printable certificate will appear on your computer screen upon your completion of the module and successful completion of the evaluations at the end of each section, your computer needs to be connected to a printer.

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